Re-grinding of die-plates

A die plate is a complex and expensive piece of equipment and even if the face is made of hardmetal (TiC or WC), wear can result in bad cutting of pellets and/or short blade (knife) life.
At that time re-grinding of the hard metal face is necessary.

Before re-grinding the die plate needs to be cleaned carefully according specific methods to avoid the hardmetal wil loose its resistance to wear and to avoid stress that might cause cracks.

The re-grinding itself should be minimum but sufficient to avoid too much hardmetal is taken away which will shorten the life time of the die plate. Before and after grinding the hardmetal will be inspected and  measured.

If re-grinding of the hard metal is not possible anymore there is the possibility to re-new the hard metal surface by re-plating (re-tiling).

Besides pressure testing of the dieplate also some small repair like can be carried out.

Upon returning the refurbished die plate  the customer will receive a full report for future reference.

Please contact Mercatel in case you wish to receive a quotation for re-grinding of your die plate.