Internship Extrusion Equipment

Interested in plant scale rotating equipment for the polymer industry? Understanding assembly drawings and perhaps supervise an overhauling job?

What is the internship about?

You will learn to understand assembly drawings of all the major equipment like gear reducers, mixers, extruders, gear pumps, screen-changers and pelletizers in order to identify the (spare) parts like bearings, couplings, pumps, rotary joints, seals, etcetera. You will be asked to participate in solving (mechanical) issues and to determine the necessary spare parts in case of overhauling. A visit to a plant to meet the mechanical engineers of the plant could be helpful in understanding. Most likely you will also supervise one or more overhauling jobs of a die-plate (basic part of the pelletizer).

Company profile.

Mercatel Groep BV is supporting Kobe Steel Ltd (JP) for more than 20 years in the after sales service of their plant scale mixer and extrusion line’s located at various main petrochemical sites in Europe.

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