In Mould Labeling (IML)

In Mould Labeling or IML is one of the most successful back-moulding techniques in which one or more items are put inside the mould, the mould is closed and injection moulding continues.

In the case of IML one or more labels (pieces of decorated foil or film) are put inside the mould to decorate the product.
IML is primary used in the packaging industry for decorating all kind of packaging.

For simple IML available standard robots can be used, but for more complex products and better cycle time special robots or applicators are developed.
IML is continuously improved for more and more applications (see publications).

For introducing IML (from feasibility study to turn-key solution) and solving problems (label problems, process problems and product problems) you can contact Mercatel.

See presentations and publications for more background information and application examples.